£30m in 3 years: BBC's big hotel bill

The BBC has spent almost £30m on hotel rooms in three years, with one room costing £633 a night.

With data from a freedom of information request, the Daily Mail found that the corporation’s hotel bills regularly exceeded £300 a night for some rooms.

Though the BBC has pledged to cut costs, its expenditure on hotels has increased by 32% over the last year as the World Cup in Brazil approaches.

The BBC has refused to name several of the hotels it used, as well as who stayed in them and for how long.

The Mail quoted one unnamed source saying that the bills for rooms over £600 a night was “taking the mick”.

In 2013, the BBC collected £3.6bn in licence fees, as well as a further £1.4bn in other income, taking its total income to £5.1bn, so hotel bills counted for about 0.5% of the corporation’s outgoings, and even less than that as a proportion of licence payers’ fees.

A spokesman for the BBC said: “The BBC doesn’t choose the location of major events around the world – like the World Cup or the Olympics which incur costs – but we do book in advance to save money”.

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  • Rebecca Hobson

    Hospitality costs for all broadcasters and production companies are massive - how much does Sky pay on hotel rooms? We want the Beeb to keep providing the best journalism in the world, and so they have to keep providing good accommodation for their journalists.

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