10 famous politicians are alleged to be paedophiles

There are 10 current and former politicians who now face being investigated over alleged child abuse.

The names of the famous figures, some of which are now dead, have cropped up “again and again” by callers to child abuse helplines over the years, a charity said.

Dr Jon Bird, of the National Association for People Abused In Childhood (Napac), told Sky News: “The names of people in very high places - politicians, senior police officers and even some judges - have been going around as alleged abusers for a very long time.

“Since the Jimmy Savile revelations, there’s been a sea change in the way police and the CPS respond to these sort of complaints and now, at last, it looks like these people are going to be investigated.”

In fact, more than 20 people could be implicated, according to Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager.

On BBC Newsnight, he said “a much larger number of people who have known about it and done nothing about it, who were in a position to do something about it”.

Home Secretary Theresa May has announced an enquiry into alleged cover-ups of the crimes and how the state and other institutions have handled abuse accusations over the past 40 years.

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