More Brits “believe aliens visited Earth than taxes are too low”

Just days away from the Chancellor’s Budget, a new poll has shown the extent of public opposition towards increasing taxes.

In an extensive poll by YouGov for the TaxPayers’ Alliance, only a tiny proportion of voters said that government taxes are too little (12%). By contrast, 19% of voters polled said they believed alien life forms had visited the earth, and 13% said they believed the moon landings were faked.

Meanwhile, 50% of voters surveyed said they thought the government spends too much and therefore taxes too much. Only 16% of those polled thought the government had the balance about right.

This comes as the TPA’s new “Fiscal Factbook” laid bare the lack of awareness about the true tax burden among voters.

Fewer than one in seven people realise that the government plans to increase debt (14%), whereas three times as many people think they plan to reduce it (46%). In fact, the government’s fiscal projections mean that the national debt will increase by around £600bn by the time of the next General Election.

Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Politicians have spent decades tinkering with our tax system and making it more and more complicated and opaque.

“Politicians of all parties need to set out strategic reforms to create a much more open and honest tax system that leaves more money in people’s pockets.”

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