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Farage barrage parliament sky ukip

Farage barrage? Could EIGHT more Tories defect to UKIP?

Fri, 29 Aug 2014

Image: Young Independence

Douglas Carswell MP

Tory MP Douglas Carswell to join UKIP

Thu, 28 Aug 2014

Tory MP Douglas Carswell is set to join UKIP, he annonunced today.


New study shows the shocking extent of Britain’s social mobility problem

Thu, 28 Aug 2014

Social mobility in “deeply elitist” Britain is so embedded it has created a “closed shop at the top”, according to a government report.

George Osborne

Did George Osborne lie to parliament?

Wed, 27 Aug 2014

The chancellor has been accused of lying to parliament over figures which show how well the government has clamped down on tax avoidance.

WWI image Sketch-a-Etch

Sketch-a-Etch: We will remember them

Where words fail us, there’s always photoshop

Condescending Cameron

Sketch-a-Etch: It's a no-brainer for David Cameron

Where words fail us, there’s always photoshop

Fracking activity

Not sure where you stand on fracking? These three videos will help you decideVideo

Fracking is an enormously divisive issue in the UK, and the debate is only set to heat up from today, as the government has opened up the bidding process for fracking licences in the UK.

Tony Blair

Sketch-a-Etch: Where's our Middle East envoy Tony Blair?

Where words fail us, there’s always photoshop

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Cameron begging

Sketch-a-Etch: David Cameron unveils his new cabinet

Where words fail us, there’s always photoshop

Nick Hurd 5

Nick Hurd MP: Collaboration & innovation to tackle social challenges

Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Civil Society, on how government, social enterprise and the private sector can work together


Sketch-a-Etch takes on William Hague's India trip

Where words fail us, there’s always photoshop

Secure your data

Harry Cockburn: Emergency data law introduction is shoddy and undemocratic

A new emergency data law guaranteeing the police and security services access to the British population’s phone and internet data histories is expected to be passed at a Cabinet meeting in Downing Street this afternoon.

Skull and cross-bones

Sophie Hobson: All public health messaging is now officially up for sale. Yes, you should be worried

The government has quietly announced a major change - but you need to know about it

Clegg Cable pub 1

Brown's beer: Why politicians love beer

It all started with Barack Obama.

Sophie Hobson, editor of

Sophie Hobson: Justin King knows it, and so should you - responsible business is the future

Ethical consumerism is growing fast, and business leaders know it, explains our editor. Are you moving quickly enough?

James Bond gun

Harry Cockburn: Why is the news the government can listen in to live phone conversations so unsurprising?

Not so long ago, tapping a telephone or bugging someone’s house was difficult and dangerous work. During the Cold War, secret agents on both sides of the Atlantic were routinely deployed to particular addresses in order to plant listening devices to obtain information on suspects.

Farage polling station

Harry Cockburn: The outcome of the European Elections should worry British businesses

Nigel Farage is not wrong to say that “the UKIP fox is in the Westminster hen house”. The far-right Euro-sceptic party has made irrefutable gains across much of the UK, after being largely ignored by Westminster and written-off by much of the media as incoherent and racist. Though the final figures are still outstanding, the undeniable outcome of yesterday’s poll is that British politics is being thoroughly shaken up.

EU flag

What do the top five parties stand for at the European Elections this week?

We asked them. Tell us what you think on Twitter #llbdebate

Happy graduate jumping for joy university

Harry Cockburn: Hooray! We’re all going to be millionaires! Except for the poor

One in five people who gain a university education will end up becoming millionaires, new figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed. Hooray for education. Hooray for money.

Staff gagged

Robyn Vinter: How zero-hours contracts can encourage illegal behaviour

Today the government said jobseekers would lose their benefits if they turn down zero-hours contracts without a good reason.


Harry Cockburn: The government's "forced labour" scheme is flawed

Why are some big charities opting out of the latest employment initiative?

Sophie Hobson - correct size

Sophie Hobson: Cameron has appointed the first Asian man to the cabinet, but it is still dangerously undiverse

The PM must learn from business and rethink his overwhelmingly white, male and Oxbridge-educated cabinet, says our editor

Student protests

Robyn Vinter: The “bobby tax” will massively damage the Met

New police officers must pay more than £1,000 for a certificate before they even start

Parliament union flag

What would make Britain better? We ask the publicVideo

…and get some interesting ideas

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