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Condescending Cameron

Cameron calls for UK to stand up to defend Christian virtues

Thu, 17 Apr 2014

David Cameron has hailed the virtues of Christianity in Britain, saying the UK should be proud of its “status as a Christian country”.

NIgel Farage is incensed by the lack of interest in Brussels found in Westminster and the BBC

Farage: Times journalists’ attack was politically motivated and here’s proof

Wed, 16 Apr 2014

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has fought back at the “immensely privileged” Times journalists who accused him of misusing EU taxpayers cash.

The Palace of Westminster may close for renovations, requiring a move to Birmingham or Stratford

MPs confident of sustainable growth ahead of 2015 election

Wed, 16 Apr 2014

A survey of 150 MPs has revealed an upbeat outlook for the economy in the 12 months ahead of the next general election. Data collected by polling and research firm ComRes shows that 75% of MPs expect economic growth to continue into 2015, and 66% think that unemployment will fall in the next 12 months.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage under fire over £60,000 of “missing” EU funds paid into his personal bank account

Tue, 15 Apr 2014

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is under fire for receiving £15,000 in office expenses to run his constituency office in Bognor Regis despite paying no rent on the property.

Sophie Hobson - correct size

Sophie Hobson: Cameron has appointed the first Asian man to the cabinet, but it is still dangerously undiverse

The PM must learn from business and rethink his overwhelmingly white, male and Oxbridge-educated cabinet, says our editor

Student protests

Robyn Vinter: The “bobby tax” will massively damage the Met

New police officers must pay more than £1,000 for a certificate before they even start

Parliament union flag

What would make Britain better? We ask the publicVideo

…and get some interesting ideas

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Redcar steel works

Harry Cockburn: Why is the government letting heavy industry escape green levies?

Manufacturing is recovering in Britain, but our energy problems are mounting

Barack Obama

Robyn Vinter: Why isn’t “Barraco Barner” on the national curriculum?

You have to feel for 20 year-old Gemma Worrall, the British woman who shot to cyber-fame last week after tweeting this:

Sophie Hobson - correct size

Sophie Hobson: There’s much to celebrate in Clegg’s new plans for NEETs, but one glaring mistake

Yes, we must end the “snobbery surrounding vocational education”, says our editor - but some of this is counter-productive

Cameron begging

Robyn Vinter: Play it cool with the Scots, Cameron, your desperation is embarrassing

The PM is playing out the uncomfortable routine of a lover who doesn’t want to be dumped

Murdoch mask protestors

10 most controversial Tory scandalsVideo

After four Tory MPs announced they were quitting last week, we look at the party’s biggest scandals


Let's celebrate these brands protesting against Russia's anti-gay law

From multinationals to microbreweries, businesses are supporting LGBT rights as Sochi begins

Alan Mak

Alan Mak on Davos 2014: The responsible recovery begins

Leaders are thinking about how to help more than just the1%, writes Mak, a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper

Rajeeb Dey, founder, Enternships

Rajeeb Dey at Davos: Graduates deserve better than our current education system

The founder writes for us on tackling youth employment


Fractfile: 10 shocking fracking factsVideo

Fracking is becoming an increasingly contentious issue in the UK. We look at the pros and cons

Chancellor George Osborne unhappy

Five memes that explain Osborne’s 2014 plan

Because swotting up on economic policy can be LOL-tastic too

Is British business racist

Is British business racist?

Ethnic minorities are dramatically under-represented at senior level. Who’s to blame, and should you care?

Vince cable 100 by 100

5 weird Twitter accounts followed by Vince Cable

Politicians don’t get social media. #Fact.

Women in the boardroom

Mary Honeyball MEP: When it comes to women on boards, we must avoid ‘chicken or egg’ thinking

Labour’s spokesperson for women in Europe writes ahead of today’s landmark vote on boardroom quotas

European Union

Mary Honeyball MEP: Making the business case for Europe – pragmatism over prejudice

The Labour MEP for London responds to the Nissan CEO’s comments last week

Mayor of London Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: Why I am supporting Securing Britain's Talent

The Mayor of London welcomes our new publication

Vince Cable MP

Vince Cable slams "nasty Tories". Speech highlights & reactions

Business secretary slams Nasty Tories and ugly conservative politics

LibDem main

Who are the LibDems' rising stars?

The eight Liberal Democrats to watch during their party conference

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