Paris gunman shouted “I am here to die for Allah”

Police operation at Orly airport

The radicalised gunman that was shot dead in Paris today was originally stopped for speeding it has been revealed.  The gunman then shot a policewoman in the head and hijacked a woman in a car at gun point.

A Paris prosecutor said that the gunman now known to be Ziyed B had shouted “I am here to die for Allah, there will be deaths”, before attempting to gun people down at Orly airport.

He had also at one point threw down a bag containing a can of petrol.

Whilst in Orly airport terminal the gunman attacked three counter-terrorism soldiers who are part of Operation Sentinelle, he had made a statement about Allah it has been reported.

A witness known only as Dominique said earlier: “I heard shouting and I saw the soldiers who were holding a person.

“It was a man who was holding a soldier hostage, he had them by the neck and he threatened the two other soldiers with the woman’s rifle.”

French police have said today that Ziyed B was known to them and was a “radicalised muslim.”


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