Yet more rail strikes could be on the way

RMT could strike in a row over safety

Transport union RMT will ballot its engineering members for a proposed strike.

It said there were a “number of issues” being raised by its members over Southern Rail’s Lean project – which tells engineers how much time they need to spend on each job.

Negotiations have broken down between the rail firm and the union, which says no consultation has taken place with its members.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “RMT will not stand by while agreed policies, procedures and agreements are unilaterally ripped up by Southern and as a result we are now in dispute and will shortly begin a ballot of our engineering grades for industrial action.

“Southern is a company intensively under the spotlight over its performance at the moment and RMT will not have our members scapegoated for failures at the top by outrageous and intimidatory demands to meet impossible work targets and through attacks on working conditions.

“The union is in no doubt that the pressure on these staff to deliver impossible targets compromises safety in what is clearly a safety-critical environment.”


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