Which are London’s best and worst Tube stations?

Dalston Junction? Commuter says no

Come to London for the first time, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself studying the colourful tangle of lines that make up the Tube map.

The Tube is one of London’s defining institutions. But it is a sprawling, living, imperfect wheezing beast, and like all earthly life forms, has shining beacons of brilliance, along with outrageous shortcomings.

The quality and proximity of a local Tube station can have a major impact on people living nearby, and can be an important factor in the property market.

A survey of more than a thousand Londoners by property website Easyroommate revealed that 90% of Londoners believe the local Tube station is a major factor in deciding where to live.

The survey also asked which are the best and worst Tube stations in London.

The results are good news for those who use the Tube in North Ealing, Kenton and Anerly, which scored the highest results, but a depressing reminder for those near Kensal Rise, Queensbury or Dalston Junction for the woeful amenities they’ve been served with.

Take a look at their interactive map below:

(via EasyRoommate). 

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