Victoria Station evacuated after fire alert

Victoria Station has been evacuated this morning at around 8.45am, closing off parts of the Victoria Line, as firefighters are investigating reports of smoke and fire on the platform.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman confirmed to that firefighters are investigating the station after a fire alarm went off.

There were reports that a fire was spotted “under” a train, with services on the Victoria Line between Warren Street and Brixton suspended.

According to Shruti Tripathi, who was on the scene:

“There was no one on the platform, announcements were going on that there was an emergency and asking commuters to leave.”

Another commuter told that he was on the platform at around 8.45am and “could smell burning”.

Update - 9.35am:

Victoria Station has re-opened and the line has resumed service, albeit with severe delays.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman told that “it’s all over”, as firefighters left the station with no fire being found.


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