Underwater train to Ireland? It could happen

A Channel Tunnel-style train could be used to connect Britain and Ireland, according to a think tank.

A report by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport said within the next 20 years the UK could be considering an underwater train to connect Holyhead with Dublin.

The train would need to travel 75 miles under water to connect the two cities, a journey that currently takes more than two hours by ferry.

The report said: “The tunnel would have to be rail based, and serve freight and passenger functions. This would be a major engineering and investment project of European significance, but could be a serious topic of debate.”

Professor Stuart Cole from the Transport Research Centre at the University of South Wales told the BBC it would cost around £15bn, similar to the cost of HS2 between London and Birmingham.

However, the UK and Ireland would not necessarily have to fund this as much of the money would come from the European Commission.

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  • Anonymous

    Can't see the point of that. It takes 2 hours by ferry, it would take one hour by train.

    So billions would be spent to save an hour's travel.

    Why not build a bridge instead? It would be cheaper.

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