Uber cabs now outnumber yellow taxis in New York, but the service is banned in Germany. What’s going on?

The app-based taxi service has had a mixed week

New York is famous for the yellow taxis that litter its grid of streets. But now, for the first time, there are more black Uber cabs on the streets than there are yellow taxis.

According to the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission there are now 14,088 registered Uber cars, just over the figure of 13,587 yellow cabs in the city.

For now though, the number of trips taken by New Yorkers in Uber cars remains lower than those taken in yellow taxis.


Meanwhile, in Paris, Uber’s offices were raided by police as part of continuing investigations into its UberPop peer-to-peer ride-sharing facility.

The service is controversial as Uber has described it as a lift sharing service, however, due to the fact that money is paid and destinations are chosen by the person paying, it looks quite a lot like a low-cost taxi service.

The Paris raid followed incidents in the French capital in which Uber drivers were attacked and beaten with hammers and knuckledusters.


Yesterday it emerged that UberPop has now been banned in Germany after a court said it contravened transport laws.

The case was brought by German taxi operator group Taxi Deutschland, and judges imposed fines of €250,000 (£181,000) for each violation of the order, the BBC reports.

Uber said the Frankfurt District Court’s decision was a “fundamental infringement of our ability under European law to establish and provide a service”.

Uber still operates UberTaxi and UberBlack in the country.

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