Tube Strike: Piccadilly Line workers to walk out over “bullying”

Bullying, harassment and old rolling stock to blame for “comprehensive breakdown” in relations

Piccadilly Line train

Piccadilly Line train

One thing Boris Johnson has never done as mayor is to have had a formal meeting with London Underground workers’ union representatives.

As a result, Londoners have endured an astonishing number of Tube strikes in recent years.

The latest strike on the cards is over the alleged “bullying, harassment and intimidation” of workers by London Underground managers.

And the RMT union is blaming the “comprehensive breakdown in industrial relations” on the “ageing” Piccadilly line rolling stock.

The Piccadilly Line’s trains were all built in the 1970s and are now among the oldest trains running on the Tube network.

Transport for London urged RMT not to “subject Londoners to another pointless strike”.

Of course, the RMT doesn’t think it’s pointless, and speaking to the BBC, a spokesman for the union said: “There are major problems with the rolling stock that are not being addressed.

“Despite the fact that we’ve got members in the depot working to try to keep the fleet going, we’ve got problems with doors opening between stations, wheel flats [affecting braking] and signals being passed at danger.”

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “Those issues have left drivers in a vulnerable position and have been used by management as a tool to harass and threaten members through misuse of the disciplinary procedure.”

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