Tube strike on Friday

Londoners, get set for travel mayhem as the weekend approaches as yes, another Tube strike looms in the near distance.

The latest strike, which is due to affect the Central Line only, will be the fourth round of strike action the London Underground has seen this year.

Union members angry over  working conditions won an overwhelming majority in the vote on whether to strike. The ASLEF union said that 90% of its members supported the action due to London Underground’s “failure to treat drivers with the respect and dignity they deserve”.

Finn Brennan, an organiser for the union, said: “This dispute has been brought about by management intransigence on a range of issues, but at its heart is management’s refusal to treat drivers with the respect and dignity they deserve at work,” the Evening Standard reports.

Brennan added: “Our members will not tolerate a situation where vulnerable people leave sickness review meetings in tears and drivers with years and years of good and long service are threatened with disciplinary action for a delay of 33 seconds in leaving a terminus.”

Responding to the decision to strike, London Underground general manager Lance Ramsay said to the Standard: “We have been holding discussions with ASLEF to work through local issues they have raised within our agreed processes. 

“We’re disappointed that ASLEF members have voted in favour of strike action while discussions are still ongoing.  Strike action is not necessary and we urge them to continue talks with us to understand and resolve their concerns.”

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