This is why you might have trouble getting around London on Wednesday

Up to 12,000 taxi drivers are set to bring London transport to a standstill in Wednesday in a protest over the cab booking app Uber.

At 2pm drivers will be protesting around Trafalgar Square over Transport for London’s decision to grant a private hire license to Uber, which calculates the fare by distance and time.

Drivers argue Uber’s system is effectively a taximeter, which the law says can only be used by black cabs.

Steve McNamara, of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association, said: “We want to create the maximum publicity for the minimum disruption and have deliberately avoided two days next week when the Queen is hosting garden parties. We have nothing against competition but we feel that Transport for London has failed Londoners.”

Jo Bertram, Uber general manager for UK and Ireland, told the media: “We fully understand that this action will cause a huge economic impact to London and we will send a message to our drivers in advance to encourage them onto the road. As we did during the Tube strike, we are able to make sure that there is the most efficient use of cars on the road by price-splitting (sharing a cab with other Uber subscribers nearby). We are very confident of the outcome of the High Court case.”

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TfL seeks high court ruling on Uber taxi app

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