There could be more Tube strikes on the way as a new row has erupted

Tube control staff threaten to strike

Staff who run the Tube network are threatening to strike in an argument over safety measures.

About 140 controllers who operate the Tube system are being balloted to strike, saying bosses plan to “impose” extra work.

The proposed measures would put staff in charge of making decisions as to whether the track was safe to open again after engineering work overnight, which the TSSA union argues would endanger safety by giving staff too many responsibilities.

Calling the measure a “cost-saving exercise in the region of £50,000 a night”, a source told the Evening Standard the changes involved “the safety of both passengers and staff”.

LU’s chief operating officer Steve Griffiths said: “Safety is always our top priority and we have robust and comprehensive procedures in place to ensure the safety of our staff.

“TSSA’s threat to ballot for strike action is unnecessary. We urge them to continue to talk to us to resolve their concerns and avoid subjecting London to another pointless strike threat.”



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