There are the things we hate most about the Tube. They’re all awful

Londoners reveal all

If you’ve ever got the Tube – even once – you’ve probably experienced some of these unpleasant aspects.

A survey of Londoners by hotel company Millennium has found overcrowding is our biggest Tube hate, followed by people not moving down the carriage.

A weird 5% of people said nothing at all annoyed them on the Tube.

Here’s the full list:

  • Overcrowding 37%
  • Not moving down the carriage 32%
  • The cost of travel 26%
  • Loud music through headphones 16%
  • People eating 15%
  • People who litter 12%
  • Hot temperatures 9%
  • Standing on the left of the escalator 8%
  • Tube delays 8%
  • Other commuters 6%
  • Nothing annoys me 5%
  • People doing make up 2%
  • Tube staff 2%

The survey also asked people what they thought could be improved, with things like double decker trains, an outer circle line and discounts all being in Londoners top wants.

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