TfL seeks high court ruling on Uber taxi app

Transport for London is seeking a high court ruling over whether the technology behind popular smartphone app Uber is tantamount to using metered fares, which black-cab drivers have an exclusive right to use.

The app allows users to book private cars in any London location and uses GPS data to calculate fares.

A bitter row between the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association and Uber has already seen cab-drivers staging protests in central London, and another one is planned for 11 June.

TfL, which regulates taxis in London, had previously decided that Uber was not metering journeys. However, their findings were met with such outrage from the Licensed Drivers Association that they have decided to let the high court step in. TfL has asked both parties to be a part of the process.

TfL head of surface transport Leon Daniels said: “Apps can offer passengers the potential of better and more convenient services but their use must be legal and on the issue of taximeters the law is unclear. We have taken a provisional view and a binding high court ruling will bring clarity.”

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