Some mathematicians want to slow down London’s Tube network. Here’s why

As if it’s not hard enough to get to work

The London Underground isn’t the most efficient transport system, but it functions pretty well for a 150 year old network. With trains averaging 21mph, it’s easy to nip around the capital.

However, according to scientists, Tube trains should be slowed by at least half to cut congestion.

Researchers published their study in the Royal Society Interface journal after finding the optimum Tube speed is 13mph.

But why? It’s all down to London’s road congestion. Because Tubes are quicker than cars in London, people on the outskirts of the city drive to the Tube station, causing bottlenecks at gentrified transport hubs.

However, at this stage, it’s all theoretical so it doesn’t look like slow Tubes are about to be introduced.

“Giving exact numbers is a tricky thing,” Dr Marc Barthelemy who led the study told the BBC. “But the fact is that these networks are coupled to each other. Optimising something on one network can bring bad things on another network.”


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  • Only a mathematicians could come up with such a silly solution! Perhaps stop the Tubes completely, then that will get rid of congestion completly. Better still the unions are about to do the experiment for us.....

    Perhaps if they looked at the wider problem they migh se what is starign at them!

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