Oxford Circus Tube station evacuated after Kurdish anti-ISIS protesters block ticket barriers

Oxford Circus protest

Source: Richard Main

Oxford Circus Station is being evacuated after 30 Kurdish anti-ISIS protesters are blocking ticket barriers.

Richard Main, who was at the scene, said that the Tube station was evacuated after the protesters had “angry exchanges” with commuters.

According to Main, Transport for London was “taken by surprise” by the protest. The staff sounded the alarm after protesters reached the platforms.

The station was reopened shortly before 2pm.




A British Transport Police spokesperson said: “Shortly before 1.30pm on Monday, 6 October, our officers were alerted to a group of around 30 protesters inside Oxford Circus London Underground station.

“The station was closed for a short period, but re-opened shortly before 2pm. Officers accompanied the protesters onto a train, which then left the station.”

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