Night Tube is go! RMT recommends members accept pay deal

After being held at a red signal for so long, the Night Tube could be about to roar into life

The plans to introduce a Night Tube for London have suffered numerous derailments, but now the 24-hour service appears to be back on track as unions agree new terms with London Underground.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union is to recommend its members accept a new pay and conditions deal, and is due to ballot its 10,000 members beginning on Friday.

This is the first real progress in clearing a path to the introduction of the long awaited service.

The train drivers’ union ASLEF, is also understood to be mulling a recommendation to accept the improved terms.

According to the BBC, the new terms include a 2% pay rise in year one, RPI inflation or 1% (whichever is greater) in years two and three, and RPI plus 0.25% or 1% (whichever is greater) in year four, plus a £500 bonus for staff on lines where the night Tube will run.

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