Network Rail slapped with £50m fine after one in six trains ran late

Network Rail has been fined more than £53.1m for causing trains to run late.

In 2013, nearly one in six trains was late, almost twice the number allowed under the 92% punctuality target.

In London and the south east, the target was 93% and yet more than one in 10 commuter trains ran late.

The Office of Rail Regulation handed out its biggest fine yet to Network Rail for missing these targets and said it “fell significantly short” in ensuring punctuality of long-distance trains.

Some of the fine will go towards improving Wi-Fi, with equipment being put alongside the track to provide a better service and increase speeds by 10 times. The service will cost £90m and will be free for passengers.

The ORR said: “Network Rail did not deliver all of its plans to improve performance and, particularly in the early years of the funding period, had insufficient knowledge of the condition of its key assets, such as earthworks, electrical equipment and drainage”

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