Londoners lost 300,000 items on the Tube last year

Drum kits, cash, and 150 phones a day were handed in over 2015

Tube stress

What’s this guy forgotten? Trumpet? Top secret security files? Squash racket?

Last week we found out that Londoners are no longer minding the gap, and today it turns out many of us are not minding our possessions when we’re on the Tube either. We barely give a damn about anything we do underground. It’s amazing any of us have made it to work at all.

A staggering 1,200 items a day are handed in at Tube stations across London.

They are then all collected at a depot at Baker Street station where they are kept for three months. If they are not claimed by owners then they are given to charity, auctioned, or recycled.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, TfL lost property manager Paul Cowan described the depot as a “wonder emporium”, and said some of the more curious items handed in over 2015 include a prosthetic leg, £15,000 in cash in a brown envelope, a judge’s wig and enough drum kits and instruments including guitars and trumpets “to form a band”.

Cowan said that last year 22% of all things handed in were retrieved by owners, but the volume of goods handed in keeps rising as more and more people use the Tube.

150 mobile phones are handed in every day on the Tube.

Cowan described his job as “one of the best”, and said: “Getting the item back to the customer and seeing the smile on their face is fantastic.”

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