London Tube strike: here's how to get a free bus ride

(But only from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross)

Tube strikes are a great time for PR stunts because why not?

Travel app Ample is going to offer Londoners a free ride home on a red double decker bus on the day of the Tube strike.

The bus will ferry commuters from Liverpool Street to Kings Cross at no charge between 4-8pm on Wednesday 5th August.

All you need to do is follow Ample’s twitter account @getample.

“We want it to be as easy to hop into a taxi as it is a bus,” says Josef Wasinski, CEO of Ample, a London-based start-up that is Ample is working to develop a ‘digital Oyster’ app for use in black cabs.

“That’s why we are using an iconic red London bus to promote the launch of our revolutionary taxi app,” he added.


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