London roundabout tops the list as most dangerous junction for cyclists

How can the problem be resolved?

A central London roundabout has been named as Britain’s worst cyclist blackspot.

A total of 53 accidents involving cyclists occurred at the junction with Lambeth Bridge between 2009 and 2015.

During the same period, there was a total of 139,628 fatal cycling accidents on the country’s roads, this is according to figures published in the Sunday Times.

Moira Gemmill was killed on the junction in 2015, she was a renowned artist and was hand-picked by the Queen to oversee renovations at Windsor Castle.

Eight of the 10 blackspots were revealed to be in London. Kennington Park Road and Upper Tooting Road were the second most dangerous blackspots in the capital.

The news comes after three cyclists died in just four days on London’s roads last week, a “die-in” protest was held outside of Whitehall on Saturday.

Campaigner Nicole Branch said: “Five sets of families and friends are grieving at the moment and these deaths could have been avoided if this government would just invest in infrastructure.”

“This government needs to wake up and spend money on our infrastructure so that people stop being killed and so that families are not ripped apart by these awful incidents.” 

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