London home to Britain's 10 most congested roads

London’s officially become the UK’s congestion capital after the country’s 10 most congested roads were found here.

In 2013, a grand total of 82 hours were wasted during the London commute.

Take a look at the UK’s 10 most congested roads

1. A4, Central London to the M4

2) A4, the M4 to Central London

3) A215, Camberwell to the Croydon turnoff

4) A217, Morden to Chelsea

5) A1/A1(M), Finchely to Barbican

6) A23, Croydon to Westminster Bridge Road

7) A205, Catford to Woolwich Ferry

8) A41, Central London to M1

9) A12, Stratford to M25

10) A406, Chiswick Roundabout to Neasden Junction

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