Johnson accused of “ridiculous willy waving” over refusal to meet unions over Tube strike

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been accused of “ridiculous willy waving” over his refusal to have a face-to-face meeting with RMT union leader Bob Crow to end the second 48-hour Tube strike set to go ahead tomorrow evening.

Islington South and Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry lashed out at the Mayor for leaving the negotiating process to TfL officials.

Both sides have resumed talks at Acas today, with the aim that a form of agreement can be made and strike action can be suspended.

Challenging the Mayor on the BBC’s Sunday Politics Show, Thornberry said: “How mad is it that you haven’t spoken to [Crow] for five years? He has to call you up on LBC to talk to you. It’s not right.

“It’s nonsense why the leader of London is not talking to the leader of the Underground union.

“It’s just the most ridiculous bit of willy-waving I’ve seen. It’s just macho nonsense not to talk to the leader of the union.”

Johnson defended himself, saying that Thornberry’s attack was a “sexist assault”, and said: “We’ve been the reverse of macho. We have engaged with the unions at every stage …  this change is going to happen.”

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