Hit-and-run rising: Thousands of pedestrians and cyclists being injured each year

Figures from Mayor’s office reveal growing number of injuries and deaths

Does London have a hit-and-run problem? Figures from the Mayor’s Office have revealed a shocking 16% rise in hit-and-run collisions involving pedestrians and a 13% rise in hit-and-runs involving cyclists.

In total 1,212 pedestrians were injured in hit-and-runs, in the past year, four fatally, and 132 suffered serious injuries.

Meanwhile 1,014 cyclists were victims of hit-and-run drivers, including two fatal collisions.

Speaking to the Standard, Baroness Jones, the Green Assembly member who first uncovered the figures said that there was a growing “culture of lawless roads” in London.

She said:  “Something has gone very wrong when a fifth of the injuries to pedestrians and cyclists involve a failure to stop. There are far too many arrogant drivers who think they can get away with injuring someone, just as they think they can get away with breaking the rules on speeding, jumping red lights and using mobile phones.”

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  • Mayor need to make it mandatory for CYCLE manufacturer to add side mirror on both side so that cyclist are able to see what is coming behind them to reduce cyclist accident and death on the road

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  • Sorry Omotolani but this wouldn't help and wouldn't be enforced just as all the other traffic offences are not enforced which Baroness Jones mentions. I guess you are not a cyclist. There are several changes that will help and they are covered at length elsewhere. (if you are interested), but this article is about drivers who hit pedestrians and cyclists, fail to stop and think they can get away with it. It is a problem which needs addressing and quickly, and will be by the new Mayor if that person becomes Christian Wolmar. His idea's on transport are full of common sense issues, he is a transport specialist and not (yet) a politician. He is what London and its pedestrians and cyclists need. Use the chance you have to vote him in!

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