Here’s Boris’s latest crazy London plan – but could it work?

Over the last six years, we’ve grown accustomed to London Mayor Boris Johnson’s zany schemes.

From Boris Island (an airport in the Thames) to the orbital railway (a rail line running circularly through zone 3), we’re also used to the plans never reaching fruition too.

However, the mayor’s latest idea has caught our attention.

During a tour of South East Asia, Boris discovered Jakarta’s “Car Free Day”, where Indonesian people leave their cars behind, taking to their bikes or walking around the nation’s capital on a Sunday.

Boris said: “I have to admit I was blown away by the popularity of the car-free Sunday here in Jakarta.

“We have been thinking about it for ages - I don’t think you are going to get the British people out of bed at six in the morning to do it quite like that but it is certainly food for thought.

“I will certainly be asking Transport for London to dust down those old ideas and let’s have a look at them again.

“I think it would probably be take time to bed it in and it would take a few years before people got into the swing of coming out into the streets and making use of the space that a car-free Sunday provided. But it was very stimulating.”

This comes as the Lib Dems are leading a call to get Oxford Street pedestrianised. The street is known for being the most polluted in the world for certain types of pollutants, and one person is knocked down by traffic there every five days.

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