Half of Londoners want all lorries banned from city centre, study says

Almost half of Londoners would like to see all lorries banned from central London, according to a study released today.

Heavy goods vehicles have been involved in 53% of London’s cyclist deaths over the past four years, despite accounting for just 4% of all road traffic in the capital.

Boris Johnson has actively campaigned for safety measures for lorries in London, promising to clamp down on rogue lorries that do not meet safety standards. Nonetheless, 45% of Londoners surveyed by bicycle insurer Protect Your Bubble said that they think there should be a blanket ban on all HGVs in the busiest parts of the city.

Stephen Ebbett, global director of the insurer, said: “Bikes are no match against motorised vehicles, so it’s vital both cyclists and drivers take every possible precaution in a bid to improve safety.

“Boris Johnson’s plans to fine drivers of HGVs that aren’t fitted with safety equipment is a step in the right direction, but almost half of Londoners support an outright ban on HGVs in central London. That has to be taken into account.”

The survey also revealed that 80% of Londoners would like to see helmets made compulsory and 90% would like to see cyclists undergo road safety tests.

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