Ghost train station discovered by Thameslink engineers in south London

Southwark Park Station closed 100 years ago

The ghostly remains of a train station that was closed 100 years ago have been rediscovered by engineers working on the Thameslink rail project.

The engineers found the remains of the ticket hall and platforms of Southwark Park Station, which only operated between 1902 and 1915, and was built on a viaduct crossing Rotherhithe New Road.

Ghost station 1

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The government sponsored £6.5m Thameslink programme includes a dive under at Bermondsey that will bring greater capacity to London Bridge.

Ghost station 2

Uncovered: the footings for platforms at Southwark Park Station. Photo via

Thameslink project manager Greg Thornett said: “We uncovered the footings for the former platforms while we were preparing the top of the viaduct for new track and we are now working up in the roof space of the former ticket hall to fill in the old sky lights, ready to carry the final track alignment.

“Much of the existing stretch of viaduct will be replaced by the ramps into and out of the new dive under, but the arch that used to house the old booking hall will remain.”

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