Everyone knows what Tube drivers get paid but it turns out station staff are paid well too…

Tube station staff can earn as much as Tube drivers

When London Underground workers are striking, it’s not just Tube drivers who refuse to come into work, it’s station staff too.

We’ve all seen the headlines about Tube drivers earning nearly £50,000 a year – but have you stopped to think what other station staff are paid?

We asked Transport for London about the payment structure for its employees. It said “station staff have a good pay and benefits package” starting at about £30,000 for a customer service assistant role and rising to more than £50,000 for a station supervisor.


The starting salary for a driver once they’ve successfully completed their training, as we know, is £49,763.

But for the 12-16 weeks of their training period, drivers get £24,133 at the start of their training period rising to £30,166 after completing initial assessments.



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