Cyclists set to outnumber car drivers in London, says TfL

The number of cyclists using central London roads will soon overtake the number of car drivers, according to Transport for London.

Between 2000 and 2014, the number of cyclists on London roads during rush hour has trebled.

Meanwhile, the number of car drivers entering London at rush hour has fallen by 53%.

TfL described the change in commuting behaviour as “a feat unprecedented in any major city”.

In 2000, the number of cyclists entering central London was about 12,000 a day. This rose to 36,000 a day in 2014.

Meanwhile, car drivers fell from 137,000 a day in 2000 to 64,000 a day in 2014.

Considerable works are underway to improve London’s inadequate cycling infrastructure to make room for the growing cycling population.

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