Cute poems written by passengers will be part of the Tube’s safety campaign

You might have spotted a few little poems on the Tube which aim to get passengers to behave more sensibly.

In fact, even many of those who normally abhor the idea of poetry have been strangely charmed by the short and simple rhymes which tell passengers to think before they act. Like this one:

Tube poem

This week, two more are set to appear after they won a Transport for London competition for passengers.

Here they are for your literary pleasure:

Rock ‘n’ roll may stir the soul

And drum ‘n’ bass may have its place

But down that urban rabbit hole

It leaves a more divisive taste

That tinny blare, we’re forced to bear it

Please turn it down, no need to share it

By Alex Bishop, winner of the over-18 category


You should try not to push or squeeze,

For sometimes all you have to do is say please.

Although your delays might be slight,

You may stop people getting to their families that night.

Even if you are trying to be polite,

Try not to make spaces too tight.

By Toni Omitogun, winner of the under 18 category

Of course, the delightful poems highlight a serious message. TfL said last year there were 369 incidents of people unnecessarily pulling the emergency alarm on the Tube, each lasting approximately 4.5 minutes.

There were also 469 incidents of litter causing delays by blocking doors or obscuring signals.


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