Could a disused Peckham railway line become an elevated park like New York’s High Line?

A disused Peckham railway line could be regenerated to become a green corridor for cyclists and walkers, under plans that would create a 1km park in south London.

The idea, thought up by mature architecture student Nick Woodford, proposes utilising a raised section of track between Queens Road Peckham and Peckham Rye Station, which has not been used since the 1950s.

Peckham high line project

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Woodford says his idea, which is currently at the drawing stage, could rival New York’s celebrated High Line – an old freight track in Manhattan which was converted into a green corridor in 2009.

According to the Evening Standard, Woodford said: “We have been speaking with residents and getting their reaction while making drawings and plans. It’s been very positive.

“As a Peckham resident, I wondered what could be done with the area around Peckham Rye and the disused tracks above. I realised the area could be opened up and used by the public and could run all the way towards Queens Road Peckham station.”

Peckham high line project 2

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If Woodford can get the lease on the area of track from National Rail, he will apply for funding from the Lottery and from City Hall, as well as for funding from private sponsors.

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