Commuter chaos as Tube strike hits London

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Photo: Twitter @christhomas86

London streets were filled this morning with angry faced commuters, standing at bus stops, grimly poking smartphones and emitting furious noises.

Would-be commuters across the capital have been hit by travel chaos this morning as Tube strikes over job cuts and ticket office closures have left a skeleton Tube service in operation.

The RMT and TSSA unions’ first 48-hour strike, which began at 9pm last night, saw huge crowds of stranded passengers at major stations, while buses and Overground services being highly- congested.

This morning, no Tube trains were running until about 7am, though managers, non-union staff and volunteers have now begun to run a limited service.

But TSSA union leader, Manuel Cortes tweeted “hardly a train is running as Boris’s phantom scab army fails to show up”.

Appalling pictures of extremely crowded platforms and stations have already emerged on Twitter.

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  • Anonymous

    TFL are presumabley trying to cut costs by reducing unneeded staff, which is something the paying public would want to avoid yet more increases in fares. So what do the unions think they can achieve by these punishing strikes, when in fact they are alienating not just tube users but the entire London population that have to travel to work.

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