Boris slams government refusal to support lorries designed to curb cyclist deaths

Boris Johnson has lashed out at the government for its failure to back new European laws on the introduction of safer lorries which could significantly improve the safety of cyclists.

The Mayor is calling for a European directive which would create legislation to introduce a requirement for lorries to have safer cabs with larger windows and fewer blindspots.

The changes are already backed by other European cities including Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Madrid, but City Hall says that the coalition government has indicated it will not support any mandatory requirements for new trucks.

The Mayor’s calls follow a series of accidents in which cyclists have been killed by lorries. In London more than 50% of cyclist deaths are caused by lorries, yet lorries make up less than 5% of traffic in the capital.

Johnson said: “I am deeply concerned at the position of the British government and urge them to embrace this vital issue.”

The mayor’s cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan is in Brussels to lobby MEPs to support the proposals.

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  • No one wants cyclists killed on our roads. and our MAYOR is himself to blame for these deaths. He has taken lot of space away from the motorists for these cycle stands and banned parking anywhere near these stands. Lorries have no where to park....and end up going around the blocks again and again to find suitable parking whilst making deliveries (which causes MORE traffic and pollution). HGV drivers are under stress from parking wardens (Councils have targets - see another article today)....Way forward is to ban ALL HGV's from London during the day and cyclists during the nights. Workable??? Crime rate will certainly go up ...........

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  • Without doubt most, but not all, accidents involving cyclists are the reckless, at worst, and careless behaviour of the cyclist. All road users should behave as if the thoughtless and unlikely is about to happen.
    There are many roads in London where there is simply not enough room for cyclists - indeed hardly room for larger vehicles to cross. Yet cyclists persist, impatiently, to overtake or undertake where a slight move sideways by the nearby vehicle can cause a problem. Cylists always assume that there journey is more pressing than that of the motorist and find it impossible to queue in an orderly fashion as the motorist is obliged to do.
    Ban vehicles from certain roads during certain periods AND ban cyclists from certain roads during certain periods; the conflict will be substantially reduced!

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  • In response to Stuart Crossly I'd point out that TFL figures show that in accidents were a cyclist was killed or badly hurt the cyclist was presumed to have committed an offence in just 6% of cases. The vehicle driver was assumed to have done so 56% of the time while 39% of the time it wasn't clear.

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