Addison Lee mulls job cuts as rivals Uber and Hailo gain ground

As Londoners move to app-based cab booking services, can Addison Lee keep up?

The minicab war on the streets of London is intense.

There’s certainly been no love lost between the major players, and now it seems the casualties are growing.

According to a report by the Evening Standard, up to 90 jobs could be lost at Addison Lee, as the minicab company struggles to keep up with tech-savvy rivals like Uber and Hailo.

Exact numbers have not yet been confirmed by Addison Lee, but the shake-up indicates the extent to which Londoners have embraced booking cabs through mobile technology.

According to the Standard, Addison Lee has begun a full review of its structure.

Addison Lee has previously been vocal in its opposition to Uber, and in December, Addison Lee boss Liam Griffin accused TfL of “letting down” black cab drivers by allowing Uber to operate in London, even though the company doesn’t run any black cab service.

In an internal letter to employees, Griffin said: “It has become clear that there is a business need to make organisational changes in the workforce, in order to become more efficient and in recognition that staffing levels may be too high in some teams,” the Standard reports.

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  • Anonymous

    Harry - your headline & key questions suggest the reason for these job cuts is because Uber & Halo are gaining ground. The reality is much more likely to be that Addison Lee are now privately funded by a VC who are focused on bottom line profitability & not a family owned & run business.
    There is inevitable slack in the old family run operation that the VC will not tolerate.
    You only have to walk down the street Addison Lee are based on to see how many buildings and staff they have so this comes as no great surprise and shouldn't be interpreted as anything more than the natural consequences of a change in focus from a founder owner run business to that of an owner to whom ultimately EBITDA will be everything.

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  • Anonymous

    Addison Lee , you are just greedy,
    You rip off your drivers and your customers
    You treat your drivers like sh@@@@t
    It's about time somebody came along and gave a good kicking cos that's what you deserve. When John was in charge you had still had a little respect for your drivers ,
    But it's a well know fact that that pr@@@k
    Of a son of his hates them.
    So basically you deserve everything comming to you. You'll be out of business within a year .

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