3 big fat Tube strike myths

You’ve heard them all before but they’re NOT TRUE

The city grinds to a halt

The notion that the city grinds to a halt during Tube strikes is silly. Yes, it might be annoying getting the bus instead but do you know anyone, anyone at all, who has been totally stranded by Tube strikes? London’s bus network is vast and covers all the areas serviced by a Tube. What’s more – Transport for London throws on more buses during Tube strikes so passengers don’t have to wait too long or travel on buses that are too cramped.

In fact, there have been plenty of Tube strikes that the majority of people have never even noticed happened – like this one.

And that’s not to mention the number of people who are able to work remotely thanks to technology.

London Underground staff just want more money

This is one of the biggest myths. The Tube strike is not about money at all for the workers who are striking. The unions claim they want their staff to be able to maintain their current work/life balance.

As a Tube worker puts it, in a Facebook letter: “Everyone I work with that I know has given the same message, we cannot continue to have more and more weekend and anti-social hours working.

“I have never been opposed to Night Tube, but it has to be introduced in a way that is fair; that recognises that staff are human beings with lives and families as well as a job.”

Transport for London staff are paid loads already

Whenever there is a Tube strike there are hundreds, if not thousands, of posts on social media talking about how much Tube drivers get paid. It’s true that an average Tube driver’s salary is £49,673 – however that’s not the full picture.

The transport unions represent TfL employees in all different roles including ticket office and platform staff. So while drivers might be paid a lot of money, it’s not just about them. They only make up a small percentage of staff who are striking – most of whom are paid much, much less.


Cuppa tea

Tea sales are plummeting – are Brits falling out of love with it?

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  • Loose tea sales will be plummeting because few shops sell it. You can only make proper tea in a pot with loose tea.
    Tea bags? Ugh! They are filled with tea dust for the masses.

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  • Yes there are fewer loose teas in supermarkets and they are more expensive than tea bags why????. Personally my tea consumption has not lessen but has become more varied

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