London taxis are "the world’s most expensive"

London taxis are the most expensive in the world, according to research from the travel website

The average London taxi trip cost just over £27, which is nearly twenty times more expensive than in Kuala Lumpur (£1.39), the cheapest city surveyed.

London was ranked the seventh most expensive city overall, with New York and Paris ahead in fifth and sixth place respectively.

This came as part of a study of 49 cities, assessing the average cost of a night out, enjoying a night at a four-star hotel, a short taxi ride and cocktails and dinner for two. Such a package in London was estimated to cost £296.

The Bulgarian capital of Sofia was found to be the most cost-effective, at just £104. However, Norway’s capital Oslo topped the list as the most expensive at a steep £381 for a night out.

London has improved its standing on last year when it ranked as the world’s most expensive city in TripAdvisor’s list.

TripAdvisor League Table of Expensive Cities

TripAdvisor League Table of Expensive Cities

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