Why are record numbers of thirtysomethings moving out of London? You probably know the answer

Record numbers of thirtysomethings are moving away from the capital, according to official stats.

The Office for National Statistics has found in the year to June last year, 58,220 people aged 30-39 left London. This is a 10% increase on 2010 and the highest number on record.

It is thought that soaring London property prices are mostly to blame, with house prices in the capital more than double the rest of the UK.

The top destination for thirtysomethings leaving London was Birmingham, followed by Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham and Oxford.

Ed Cox, director of IPPR North (Institute for Public Policy Research), told the Guardian cities outside London are starting to see the benefits of the economic recovery with plenty of high-skilled jobs being created.

He said: “Young people may be initially attracted by jobs in the capital, but then they recognise that if they want to move on and get on to the housing ladder, there are opportunities in other cities.”

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