Who are the bad guys campaigning for more air pollution? It’s us. Yep, Britain

Not only do we not meet targets, we campaign against them, it seems

There are people in Europe campaigning for more relaxed rules on air pollution. They want much weaker limits and a delay to their introduction.

This is not good really, is it?

It’s estimated 9,500 people a year die in London from air pollution related issues, and the UK is far behind on its EU air quality targets.

But it seems not only do we not care about the targets, but the UK has been actively campaigning in Europe for pollution to be allowed to get worse.

Environmental lawyers ClientEarth found the government pushed for carmakers to be allowed to far exceed the nitrogen oxides (NOx) limit of 80mg/km until 2021.

Alan Andrews, a lawyer for ClientEarth, said: “The decision to water down vehicle emission standards was a political stitch-up by the commission and an unelected committee of technocrats that will force us all to breathe illegal levels of air pollution for years to come.

“These rules are illegal and should be vetoed by the European parliament. If they fail to, the British government should take legal action to strike them down.”



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Readers' comments (1)

  • Well any credibility the author had was blown when they stated
    'that will force us all to breathe illegal levels of air pollution for years to come.'

    Clearly they would not be illegal if the 'relax limit campaign' was successful - Unwanted yes, but not illegal!

    Don't screw up a good position with bad arguments!

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  • Hi Brian, thanks for your comment. I assume you don't mean the author of the article becasue that's a quote.



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