Where to watch the solar eclipse in London

Here are the best places in London to see the 2015 solar eclipse

If the UK’s not too polluted, tomorrow we’re set for a spectacular solar eclipse. It could cost our economy £635m, if workers take an hour off to watch it.

It’s set to start at 8.25am, finishing roughly 10.40am, with the best time to view about 9.30 when 85% of the sun will be covered.

But where are the top spots in London to watch the eclipse? Here’s our handy guide.

Important point – obviously don’t look directly at the sun at any point. It will burn the back of your eyes and you’ll end up blind like Galileo*.

Greenwich Observatory opens at 8am to allow people to view it safely through telescopes and solar viewers.

Greenwich Park will have free solar telescopes, as will Regents Park and Horsenden Hill in Wembley.

Other hilly and clear areas such as Primrose Hill and Brockwell Park in south London are also good spots.

*Legend says Galileo went blind from looking at the sun through a telescope – though modern medicine reckons it was glaucoma. But still don’t look directly at the sun.

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Where to watch the solar eclipse in London

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