What on earth is the Charlie Charlie Challenge that’s all over social media?

It’s half Ouija board, half children’s playground game, and it’s sweeping the internet

There’s a grid drawn on a piece of paper with “yes” and “no” written in the quadrants.

One pencil balances on another, in the shape of a cross along the axis of the grid.

“Charlie Charlie are you here?” teenagers chant.

The top pencil swings and points to “yes”. The teenagers erupt, screaming and running away, while the camera shakes.

That’s basically how every Charlie Charlie Challenge video on YouTube and Vine goes, and if you haven’t seen any of them yet, they’re probably just hours away from appearing on your Facebook feed.

Other variations include asking if George Bush caused 9/11 , if Justin Bieber is going to release an album this year or if Liverpool will ever win the league again.

They’re all trying to communicate with a Mexican demon, dubiously called “Charlie”. According to internet legend, chanting “Charlie Charlie are you here?” will bring forth the demon (who is either friendly or unfriendly, depending on who you listen to) so you can ask a question.

However, participants of the ritual must chant “Charlie Charlie can we stop?” at the end and when the pencils move, throw them on the floor and say goodbye. If you don’t do this, the legend goes, you’ll leave the portal open for bad demons to get through and cause havoc.

Well, we’re convinced.

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