What does your postcode say about you?

It’s the 40th anniversary of the allocation of postcodes and, in honour of that momentous occasion, Royal Mail has done some research into what postcodes say about their residents.

Central London is apparently home to the five healthiest postcodes:

  1. SW1X
  2. EC2V
  3. W8
  4. SW7
  5. EC1A

Nine of the top 10 postcodes with the best qualified residents are in London. The EC postcodes of the City take up the first seven slots with Westminster postcodes W1G and SW1H taking up 8th and 9th place. In EC4Y, the highest qualified postcode, 80% of residents have a degree or professional qualification.

Londoners also have the highest sums outstanding on their mortgages. In the City’s EC4A postcode, the postcode with the highest totals, residents have £112,000 outstanding each.

The City also leads the highest outstanding loans with EC1A residents having the highest unsecured loans – an average of £1,500 per person.

Five postcode facts from Royal Mail

  1. There are around 1.8 million postcodes across the UK, covering over 29 million addresses. In total, there are 48 million postcodes available under Royal Mail’s alpha-numeric system
  2. The combination of letters and numbers was chosen because people can remember a mixture of numbers and letters more easily than a list of numbers and it gives more code combinations
  3. Optical recognition machines read the postcodes and automatically convert them to phosphor  dots. These are in turn read by the sorting machines which handle correctly addressed mail,  post-coded letters 20 times faster than manual sorting
  4. On average one postcode covers 17 residential addresses
  5. Royal Mail’s online Postcode Finder is one of the UK’s most used webpages with around 100,000 visits a day – more than 40 million a year


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