Victoria station will have a disrupted service most of the evening due to a signalling fault

Travel chaos this evening

Due to a signalling fault between East Croydon and Victoria station many trains are either cancelled or delayed, this will also affect the Gatwick Express, this train disruption is thought to last until 7pm, Thursday evening.

National Rail said: “We do apologise for the disruption earlier today caused by the signalling fault which affected both London bound lines at Thornton Heath.

“Our train drivers needed to stop at the affected signals and get permission from the signaller to proceed.

“This process was delaying trains and congestion quickly built up in this area which is one of the busiest parts of our network.

“The fault has now been rectified and we are working hard to restore our train services timetable.

“Plans are in place to reinstate 90 to 95 per cent of our services as quickly as possible with our Gatwick Express earlier cancellations first to be reinstated, train by train.

“Whilst this is ongoing some services are still subject to delays and short notice alterations.”

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