There’s going to be a MASSIVE anti-austerity march in London on Saturday 20 June – and these celebs are turning out

Which famous faces are set to join the anti-austerity march?

Anti-austerity group The People’s Assembly has organised a huge march through central London tomorrow.

More than 70,000 people say they will be attending the march which starts at 12pm outside the Bank of England and finishes at Parliament Square.

The organisation wants to stop austerity in the UK, protect the NHS and government services, and improve equality.

The People’s Assembly said: “We’ll be assembling the demonstration in the heart of the City of London right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place, the banks and their friends in Westminster.”

“We demand that the bankers and elite should pay for the crisis and not the vast majority who had nothing to do with it.”

Which celebs will be there?

As well as the usual faces – Green MP Caroline Lucas, writer and commentator Owen Jones and Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn – other celebrities such as Charlotte Church, comedian Shappi Khorsandi, actors Michael Sheen, Maxine Peake and Julie Hesmondhalgh.

What do you think of the protests? Let us know in the comments below.


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Readers' comments (10)

  • Anonymous

    They can protest as much as they like, but the UK is a a far better place to be in than Greece. We would be there is the country kept spending like Labour did!

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  • Anonymous

    It seems that most of the people protesting are takers and the people that are the givers have to keep working to keep the takers.

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  • Some people are just to dumb to learn from experience or even from what is happening in Greece at the moment.

    I suspect done of these people have the faintest idea about how economics really works.

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  • Its the inequality of wealth in the UK that upsets people the most. People have a democratic right to protest, and if protesting about perceived unfair inequalities in wealth becomes frowned upon by the masses, or, dare i say it, made impossible legally by those that have an interest in maintaining such huge inequalities, it will be a sad day for democracy and for Britain. Lets just hope the demo is not hijacked by the few who seem to use such events for other means.

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  • Anonymous

    The usual mostly unemployed professional protesters will be marching again as a warm up for their next anti-fracking demo.
    This government was voted in so get a life or in many cases, a job.

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  • I suspect this government was not voted in by these protesters, the very reason why they are protesting! In fact it wasn't voted in by a majority of the population either if you go by numbers of votes. Many of these will be students (so I guess technically unemployed, but we wouldn't go far as a nation without them) The intolerance of comments here scares me a little. are we really so right wing as a nation, or am I looking at a website run by the Tory right here? Perhaps I should choose my reading material a little more wisely. I'm left of centre, but to not respect the desire of people in a democracy to protest against what they (in their eyes) see as something unfair, is to head towards a totalitarian state-and believe me, you do not want to go there!

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  • Anonymous

    I would like to know what they are hoping to achieve by protesting?? By making their voices heard and by past demonstrations in London, this will end in violence as always, nothing will be achieved just more money for tax payers to pay when clearing up the mess.

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  • Makes me laugh when I see the usual suspects holding up their placards with Tories Out written upon them. You had your chance in May to kick the Tories out, but your view was a minority one. Tough luck that's decomracy and most people dont agree with you

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  • Unreal - we would all welcome free education rather than a war but if someone attacks us should we not have the means to defend ourselves? The commentators who mention Greece have it right - would we wish to be in the hands of V Putin?

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  • Paul Andrews needs to go and re-take his primary school arithmetic classes. A majority, Paul, is over 50%. The Tories only polled 37% of the vote. Therefore the "Tories Out" view is the view of the MAJORITY. The only reason they are still in power is that we have a rigged electoral system that preserves the two-party system. If we had proportional representation they would never be in Government again.

    Comapring the UK with Greece is ridiculous. The UK is the 6th richest economy on Earth. All the "Anonymous" posters, Brian M and John Grimshaw have fallen for the Tory propaganda, that we must "balance the books" and "live within our means". Brian M talks about other not having "the faintest idea how economics works", but is easily duped by this simplistic notion, which is palpably untrue.

    The so-called "austerity measures" are nothing short of a heist, shifting billions of pounds from the poorest in society to the very richest. There is no economic reason for them, and some of the world's top economists have spoken out against the UK's lone insistence that such measures are needed. They are not, and the UK stands alone in the world for persisting in applying them.

    Osborne is a simple-minded fool with no understanding of economics. His greed-based policies are actively damaging the UK's economic recovery, which is why he has missed all of HIS OWN ECONOMIC TARGETS during the last few years.

    These continued cuts are perpetrated on the premise of the so-called deficit. Let's remember that this deficit was caused by criminal activity in the banking sector, which far from being punished has been richly rewarded with continuing bonuses and almost a TRILLION POUNDS in public subsidy.

    That is what these people are protesting about, and what is truly sad is that there are ordinary people (I'm guessing Brian M & John Grimshaw are not especially wealthy, and both seem reasonably intelligent) who DON'T support it.

    That is a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of the Tory propaganda machine. They've managed to convince the easily-led into believing all this BS about austerity, so that they actually think it is necessary, and speak out in public against people who oppose it!

    Not since the Nazis have we seen such a brilliant propaganda machine brainwash so many people.

    All power to those brave enough to step out and protest, I hope that it goes some way towards convincing more of the mindless sheep to do something about it.

    For the rest of you who seem to support having your public services slashed to ribbons so that the uber-wealthy can pay less tax, READ UP on the subject somewhere other than the tabloids and mainstream media.

    And put your name next to your comments, "Anonymous" posters, you intellectual cowards.

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