There have been 64 manhole cover explosions this year. Could there be more?

Remember Piccadilly’s exploding manhole cover?

Well apparently there have been 64 other times that has happened throughout the UK just this year.

What’s responsible? According to the Health and Safety Executive which released the figures, it’s all down to the wet weather we had in the spring.

There were only 51 incidences of manhole covers exploding or setting on fire in the whole of 2013, but after the wettest year on record from December to now, exploding manhole covers have rocketed.

In 2011 and 2012, there were nine and 31 occurrences respectively, suggesting reports are on the increase and could keep going up.

Experts have said the fires and explosions were caused by water seeping into damaged power lines. The HSE has told UK Power Networks, which manages the underground cables, to maintain them more carefully.

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