The London Cuddle Cafe has gone too far

Eww eww ewwww! When will it end?!

A pop up cafe has opened in central London where customers can pay for tea and biscuits with hugs.

Today is the last day the McVitie’s Cuddle Cafe is open to the public, so if, for some strange reason you are fine with the idea, you need to haul ass down to 52 Tottenham Street before 8pm today to snap up your free swag.

Now, here at we don’t understand or approve of any kind of human contact, preferring to work in sealed bubbles at our desks, thus limiting our interaction with the outside world.

But even if we weren’t emotionless robots, we’d still be wondering what is with this twee touchy-feely stuff?

We’re BRITISH. We don’t touch each other unless it’s in the privacy of our own homes, preferably with the lights off.

Let’s be honest, we all know who is to blame for this – Americans.

Last month’s marketing news over in the US was a McDonald’s promotion which let customers pay with hugs and other expressions of love.

Low and behold what appears on the shores of Blighty a few weeks later?

But we think we’ve got it bad. If you work at the Cuddle Cafe, you’re no doubt forced to relive the following exchange every 20 minutes or so:

“So it’s a hug for a cup of tea?”


“What do I have to do to get a sandwich?”

Cue idiotic guffawing.

Urgh. Can we just put an end to this now?


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  • Great idea during the cold and flu season.
    Some marketing people.......

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  • People who wear their pyjamas in public should be arrested.and heavily fined.

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