The internet’s funniest UKIP carnival tweets

This afternoon UKIP tried to organise a carnival in Croydon to celebrate diversity which went disastrously wrong for the party.

The only carnival-goers to attend appeared to be UKIP members, anti-racism protesters and gleeful journalists, with the situation made 100 times worse after the steel band packed up before starting to play when they realised what the event was.

Nigel Farage refused to show his face, with UKIP saying he “wouldn’t feel safe” – in fact, rumour has it he arrived in a car and left again.

As you can imagine, the internet went to town on the farce. Here’s the best:



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Readers' comments (2)

  • Nigel will have the last laugh at all you trendy liberal lefties. You are totally detached from the general public view. Rather than engage in a sensible debate about Europe you prefer to indulge in left wing propaganda to demonise the messenger.

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  • Anonymous

    Hey ,I kinda agree with you David , but these are simple people. They need a simple message like GET REAL !

    But love the tweets - they ARE funny - and I very much support Mr F .

    Methinks it is a shame when a PR stunt goes so wrong .... but that's all part of picking yourself up and carrying on ...

    But , I think the Polls will show how much support UKIP has .... Outside the London bubble , I find it hard to find anyone who doesnt support them in some degree or other ....

    But then thinking about it again , the beautiful idyll that is Croydon (Tram City of the Future) would be far more suited to the Champagne Communists - err, I meant Socialists !!

    Happy tweeting everyone .... Love , Peace and Border Controls to you all !
    Rod (Southampton)

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