Teenage treason: mother foils teenagers’ plot to blow up Buckingham Palace or Parliament

Pipes, fuses and drug paraphernalia were found by police

Two teenagers have been sentenced to a year behind bars after plotting to blow up Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, or “a random shopping centre”.

Despite sounding like the stuff of graphic novels, or America, the pair, both aged 16, had amassed a stock of substances and equipment necessary to manufacture working explosives.

Their plan was thwarted when one of their mothers discovered the equipment being sent to her house and called the police.

Fuses, pipes, and various chemicals were subsequently found.

John Dilworth, deputy chief crown prosecutor for CPS North East, said: “It is alarming to note that, at the point when their scheme was discovered, these two young men had already secured all of the materials required to construct a viable explosive device.

“Thankfully, the potentially tragic consequences of their plans were never realised.

“We are grateful to the actions of the defendants’ relatives, whose suspicions alerted police to the serious risk posed, not only to the public at large but also to the young defendants themselves.”

The pair also planned to sell drugs in order to fund the attack. Alongside bomb-making materials, police found powdered paracetamol, caffeine and sucrose, which are commonly used to cut drugs.

They had also discussed escape plans as well as the possibility of suicide, phone records show. While one said after the equipment was confiscated that he was going to blow himself up on the school field.

An army explosives expert said that the equipment the pair had amassed would be substantial enough to have a similar impact to a grenade.

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