Snow for London?

Christmas is coming. The lights are up, the shopping frenzy has begun and drink is flowing.

The only thing money can’t buy when it comes to Christmas is snow. Well, maybe love too. But most people will probably settle for snow.

But will snow settle in London?

Well, despite national newspapers going beserk over the prospect of snow in the coming days, none has been forecast for the capital.

The Daily Express’s Nathan Rao is a dependable source for exciting weather reportage. Today he warns that “temperatures will struggle to get above freezing all week with a chaotic mix of snow, thunder, hail and torrential rain.”

Who will survive this apocalyptic winter hammer blow?

Meanwhile the Independent is advising that “horrendous” conditions with snow and ice are expected for much of the UK.

Some snow has already fallen in Scotland and the North, and the Met Office has issued a couple of weather warnings however, both of them are for areas above 200m, and not in the South East.

London actually does have one hill that’s over 200m high - Westerham heights in Bromley - so that may be the best bet for seeing snow in the capital. Either that or a visit to the top of the Shard.

White Christmas?

According to the Met Office’s monthly outlook, as published by the BBC, “a Christmas can be classed as white if one solitary snowflake falls from the sky on December 25th.

“This is actually more likely than not to happen - it has happened on 38 of the last 53 years. However, seeing a blanket of snow is much rarer; happening on only four of the last 53 years.”

So fingers crossed.

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